Biographic Data

Birthplace: Pontiac,MI,USA Date:January 14, 1963

Education: Some College

UNCPBA, Tandil, Argentina (3 years in Computer Engineer-never graduated) American Film Institute, Hollywood,Ca: Classes in Photoshop 5

Gender:Male Height:5'10(in a good day) Weight:200lbs(in a bad day) Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown Eyeglasses:ON (or I don't see much)

Following information is to be believed at your own risk

You may understand more about this when you read the WHY I did this web-page. Here are SOME of the reasons:

As you can see I'm an original thinker, most of the time unconventional, creative and with talent for some graphic programs. What you CAN'T see (unless you're VERY GOOD at this) is that I can be very convincing, very profitable for your company and a good team player (even when I can "do solos" if required)

Phisically attractive (even when many don't think so), with good sense of humor (sarcastic), cook, wash and iron and I am (potentially) a GREAT CATCH for anybody (for anybody that can catch me I mean). And if this sounds like an ad... it is because IT IS one!!

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